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Each season designers present hundreds of runway shows totaling to many thousands of looks. I designed an app for an existing desktop website called Tagwalk, the most advanced fashion search engine, for fashion designers, stylists, and journalist. This app allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest in fashion while being able to create moodboards for projects, inspiration, or articles when they're not tied to their desks. It was created by Alexandra Van Haute, a former Vogue assistant, to take away the pain out of research and help the industry players do their job more efficient. They describe themselves as a neutral source and in three words: fashion, simplicity, and rapidity, so I kept those pillars in mind while designing this experience.

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Launching the app welcomes users with an animated screen of clothes masked into Tagwlak's letterforms followed by a preview of images and registration forms.


Discover the latest runway shows, fashion trends, news, street style, interviews, and new talent. This section of the app was designed so each category looks visually different and is easier to identify as the user gets familiar with the product. One of the advantages of Tagwalk compared to it's competitors—Vogue Runway, Pinterest, Google Images—is providing new content such as interviews, or Tag Talks, and giving a spotlight to new and up-and-coming designers under Tag Talents.


Discover real data and analytics of what people are searching for and browsing in the app. This is another advantage Tagwalk has over its competitors. Currently, this data is sent to users through e-mail, but giving them straight access through the app makes it easier for stylists, designers, or journalists to keep up with what's trending.


Type any keyword into the most advanced search engine in fashion, and filter by location, season, and designer. Part of what makes Tagwalk great is that every photo entry is tagged with a collection of keywords that describes the piece of clothing, making it easier for users to specifically search what they're looking for. I translated this into the app with a simple interface where users can quickly filter through their searches.


Organize your favorite looks, trends, or designers by creating a mood board for your latest project. With inspiration from Pinterest and Vogue Runway, I designed a way for users to add in images to a board that is easily accessible and shareable.