Curators by Design

Typographic Identity System
Curators by Design is a one-day conference filled with a series of panels from curators and their colleagues to help designers get an insight of the curatorial process and how designers can apply research, collaboration, writing, and many roles to their next influential project. The conference takes place in New York, NY at NeueHouse, a private cultural and collaborative space for prominent creatives, artists and entrepreneurs on Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 from 9am–8pm. Institutions and non-profits being represented include the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and many more.
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Typographic Identity

The identity for this conference is inspired by the role of a curator of gathering different types of artworks and intentionally showcasing them in a specific placement.

Speaker Badges

These badges are made up of the typographic identity, replacing the conference name with the speaker's logo. The images placed are artworks gathered from the curator's most recent or favorite exhibition. The back of the badge presents more information about the artworks and is balanced with the logo on the bottom right.

Conference Flyers

The flyers for this conference displays different types of artwork from artists curators speaking at the event have worked with in the past.

Additional Assets

These additional assets would be handed out at the event for guests to use. The color scheme used for these are in reminiscent of the colored walls often found with museums and galleries apart from white.

Promotional Video

This promotional video for this conference further enhances the concept of a curator and invites people to get an insight of the curatorial process.